Welcome to Security Health Systems, and welcome to the future.

Security Health Systems is unveiling the first, EVER, Electronic Medical Visit Record. This new product, VisitEase, provides a complete Patient Visit Summary as well as Level Of Service Audit tools to help take all of the guesswork out of determining correct CPT Codes for office visits. Our simple to operate VisitEase program represents a marriage of two of the most fundamental requirements critical medical practice software should address – namely Ease Of Use and Thorough Documentation Of The Patient Visit.

Even though medical record software up to today has been TOO HARD TO USE, there is no denying the fact that practices need to document key events that occur during a patient visit – both for their own quality and billing demands as well as to adhere to 3rd party payer and federal government requirements. Thorough documentation of the patient visit makes sense not only as a way to improve healthcare delivery, but also to ensure that information submitted to payers, especially Medicare, is beyond challenge. And, if this occurs with every patient visit, the chance of an audit down the road diminishes accordingly.

That’s what VisitEase is all about. It really is Easy To Use. It really does provide complete Patient Visit documentation. It really does present a proper Level of Service CPT Code with complete Audit Report.

Even though VisitEase contains some of the most sophisticated algorithms around to accurately determine correct billing codes as per E&M Guidelines, screens and functions are patterned after some of the most popular and widely-used programs already residing on tens of millions of computers. It is designed to be used RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX.

You can choose to purchase VisitEase with factory default settings, or send us key practice information in advance and receive it COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED. That way, you can marry your custom version to your favorite paper practices. Right away, VisitEase will have that feeling of familiarity that would normally come only after years of use.